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Title: January
Author: Gabrielle Lord
Publisher: Kane Miller Book Publishers
Genre: YA, mystery, adventure
Series: Conspiracy 365 #1
Release Date: January 1, 2009
Pages: 192 (hardcover)
How I Got the Book: Borrowed from the library
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On New Year’s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a staggering, sick man with a deadly warning…”They killed your father. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days. Hurled into a life on the run the 15-year-old fugitive is isolated and alone.

It’s a short book so it’s a short review

I was intrigued to read Conspiracy 365. The series was recommended to me by my friend who is a huge fan. Being me, I took up the recommendation and tried it out.

This didn’t necessarily disappoint me. It more like made me feel empty, this book’s most horrid flaw was its depth. Yeah okay it was full of mystery, suspense and thriller but it didn’t make me feel moved or intrigued at all. I felt like I was reading a diary entry, something that just debriefs the day’s happenings and situations. It had scarce descriptions of the settings and it may have just moved to fast in pacing. I think Gabrielle Lord should try to slow the writing down to a reasonable pace that gives more depth and shows more personality to each of the characters. I was seriously confused at points and felt like this book was just a little prequel to some proper, lengthy book. Torment By Lauren Kate is a good example of how long a book can be for just a short period of time. In Torment, it probably only lasts for 18 days but it is almost 400 pages long. Surely my expectation is reasonable enough.

Cal has been told by a crazy man that he has to go in hiding for 365 days. I’d be giving this man weird looks and walk off by now. But curious Cal decides to put up with this potentially crazy man to find answers. Maybe that’s just me but Cal seemed to eager at the start. It’s just not realistic enough for me to digest, and those fake piercings and tattoos? Get real here, I don’t think an average teenage boy is going to do something ludicrous, no matter what situation it is. Another thing that didn’t seem realistic enough for me was the getaways from each time Cal was captured. He isn’t a paranormal creature so it should be making more sense when he is planning how to escape.

Overall, I found this book an entertaining short read that while kept on making me want to turn the pages but really lacked depth and realism. Hopefully February has some of these things more defined. Middle grade/ YA lovers that love fast and mysterious themed books can try it out.


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